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The Plugable USB-C Triple Display 4K Docking Station with USB Power Delivery Rapidly Charges Your Apple MacBook (Early 2016)


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The Plugable USB-C Triple Display 4K Docking Station with USB Power Delivery can be used to quickly charge your USB Type-C device using USB Power Delivery technology while expanding your connectivity options. To see how it works with a Apple Mac like the Apple MacBook (Early 2016) which also supports USB Power Delivery, we connect the Plugable dock with the Mac using a compliant USB Type-C to Type-C cable.

Using Granite River Labs GRL-USB-PD-A1 analyzer software, we are able to see how the Plugable USB-C Triple Display 4K Docking Station communicates with the Apple MacBook (Early 2016) over USB Power Delivery while the Mac's battery is 60% full. After finish adjusting voltage and current over Vendor Defined Messages, USB Power Delivery negotiation initiates with the Plugable USB-C Triple Display 4K Docking Station declaring 15 watts (5 volts @ 3 amps), 27 watts (9 volts @ 3 amps), 36 watts (12 volts @ 3 amps), 45 watts (15 volts @ 3 amps), and 60 watts (20 volts @ 3 amps) power profiles.

We then observe the Apple MacBook (Early 2016) makes its first power request of 30 watts (20 volts @ 1.5 amps) which is accepted by the Plugable dock.

After a Data Role Swap between the Plugable dock and Mac, a soft reset then occurs that leads to the Mac initiating multiple strings of Vendor Defined Messages with the Plugable dock, which in between also show both devices supporting the DP Alt Mode as well as voltage and current adjustment.

We can verify from the power graph that the Plugable USB-C Triple Display 4K Docking Station is able to deliver around 30 watts (20 volts @ 1.5 amps) to successfully charge the Apple MacBook (Early 2016) when turned on at 60% battery level.

When connected to the Plugable dock, the Mac first pulls quick current of almost 2 amps at 20.1 volts during the above power delivery protocol negotiation. The current then immediately starts to fluctuate but gradually increases for the Mac to eventually draw around a stable 30 watts (20 volts @ 1.5 amps) from the Plugable dock.

The Apple MacBook (Early 2016) supports USB Power Delivery well with the third party non Apple based Plugable USB-C Triple Display 4K Docking Station with USB Power Delivery to achieve the maximum power the Mac's own Apple 29W USB-C Power Adapter is capable of supporting. 

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