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The HTC 10 Works Fine with the Samsung K4300 Joy Smart TV Using Miracast


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The HTC 10 phone is enabled with Miracast technology allowing its screen to be wirelessly mirrored onto a compatible TV like the Samsung K4300 Joy Smart TV easily.

On the HTC 10, start Miracast through Settings -> HTC Connect, while making sure to enable Wi-Fi if it's not already on.


The HTC 10 will start to detect any Miracast-supported displays nearby, where you can see the Samsung K4300 Joy Smart TV as '[TV] Samsung 4 Series (32)'. Select this TV to start the screen mirroring connection process.

Once screen mirroring is established, you should be able to view the phone's screen on the TV.

With the Samsung K4300 Joy Smart TV, you can either use Miracast or Google Cast to play YouTube videos from the HTC 10. If you use Miracast, every single item displayed on your phone will get mirrored on to the TV. Google Cast, on the other hand, lets you control the content you want to project, for instance, when you select the Google Cast icon on YouTube, only the video will be shown on the TV (the phone acts more like just a remote control).

The HTC 10 can connect seamlessly with the Samsung K4300 Joy Smart TV over Miracast, which allows you to wirelessly display your phone's screen to a larger display but don't expect to use it for long periods of time when watching fast action movies or playing games.

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