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As our lives and retail experience have moved more online, we've are more easily influenced by online reviews when making purchase decisions.  When online reviews were first introduced, they were a legitimate way to efficiently get real customer feedback on product quality.  However, now that online retail dominates the market, populated by very aggressive sellers and factories in Asia using these online marketplaces to distribute their products, the whole system is rife with bad actors who create fake reviews and source from factories that don't sufficiently test or make sure their product designs meet high quality standards.

Unlike smartphones and computers, it's a lot easier for electronic accessory products like cables, chargers, adapters, hubs, etc to get manipulated since the products are easier to copy, there are many factory source options, and low prices pressure factories to skip testing and make quality compromises.

The only way to ensure good quality products is through testing.  At GTrusted we use real tested data produced from Granite River Labs R&D and production quality testers.  Test methodologies and scoring methods used are summarized as follows:

Click here to learn more about the cable testing and scoring methodology

Click here to learn more about the charger testing and scoring methodology


Brands and factories that have good test practices will result in higher scoring products.  Similar to buying wine or other similar looking products, a simple standardized scoring mechanism based on real test data was needed to make it easier for anyone to determine which products have higher quality.  We've published the scores of retail products we've tested in our product review pages and have summarized the top scoring products here:

Click here to see top scoring USB cables

Click here to see top scoring HDMI cables

Click here to see top scoring USB wall chargers, car chargers, and power banks


As the problems related to fake online reviews, bad product quality, and fake products grow, so has the negative media coverage.  We expect these issues will just continue to grow together with our dependence on online shopping so please use GTrusted as a counterweight to help improve product quality.





Reviewed Products

Reviewed Products

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