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OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket Having Setup Problems with 10.5-inch iPad Pro 

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Having purchased the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket and Apple's 10.5-inch iPad Pro together, we proceeded to setting up the smart socket on the iPad but found a surprising number of challenges trying to set it up.

We first tried to set up the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket by downloading the OPSO HOME App from the Apple App Store.

The OPSO HOME App only provided a series of introductory screens showing what the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket's buttons can do.

We then proceeded to Apple Home App to add the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket as a new accessory.

After we selected 'Add Accessory', we could see the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket in the Add Accessory window.

However, once we selected the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket and scanned its HomeKit code, the Home App repeatedly warned that it couldn't add the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket and connect to it.

We went back to the OPSO HOME App, and this time could get beyond the initial introductory screens into the main operating screens.

By selecting the plus sign on the top right in the My Home screen, we could go to the Add Accessory screen.

However, we faced the same issue as earlier where the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket could not be added.

It wasn't until we later used an iPhone 6 to easily set up the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket were we then able to use the 10.5-inch iPad Pro  to set up the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket without the issues seen above. Note we were able to set up the Kaiterra Laser Egg 2 without much issue on the same 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Strange issues plagued our ability to cleanly set up the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket and Apple's 10.5-inch iPad Pro although we were able to eventually make it work.

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