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Nest Protect and Dropcam Can't be Set Up on Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

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Nest and Google are both owned by Alphabet and it would seem like there should be a lot of tight integration between Nest products and Google services. After pairing the Philips Hue to Google Assistant in this review, we next wanted to set up our Nest Protect and Dropcam (now part of Nest) with Google Assistant.  

Unfortunately, we found that Google Assistant only seemed to support the Nest Thermostat.

To pair the Nest Protect and Dropcam, we opened up Google Assistant's Settings and entered the Home control screen.  


We then proceeded to add a new Nest device and sign into our Nest account which had already been paired with the Nest Protect and Dropcam (see this review on how we set up the Nest Protect).


After connecting Nest with Google Assistant, we weren't able to find the Nest Protect and Dropcam in the list of Home control devices. Even after we went back to the Add devices screen, there were no Nest devices linked.


We also linked Nest to our Alexa account in the Alexa Smart Home screen.



However, we had the same problems where Alexa wasn't able to detect the Nest Protect and Dropcam.



All the Nest related documentation from Google Assistant and Alexa App seemed to focus on the Nest Thermostat so we assume at least this device is supported. However, it's surprising that premium Nest smart home devices like the Nest Protect and Dropcam don't seem to be supported even by Google's own Assistant App.

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