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Microsoft Lumia 950 Doesn’t Support TiVo

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The Microsoft Lumia 950 has a lot going for it, extending your Windows experience to a mobile setting.  However, compared to Android and Apple platforms, Windows phones users suffer from having a lot less Apps available.  This includes TiVo users that want to watch shows stored on TiVo DVR's (like the Bolt) on their Windows phone.

If you go to the Windows Store on the Lumia and search for TiVo, the official TiVo Apps is not there.


I then tried to go to TiVo Online! through the Lumia's built-in web browser.  Unfortunately, TiVo Online warned that mobile browsers were not fully supported and provided a link to an Android App.


Even after I logged into the browser, I received another error related to not meeting security requirements.


Unfortunately, it's no dice for Windows phone users that want to watch TiVo on their phones.

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