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iPhone 12 Charging Videos & Analysis

Product Review
Reviewed Products

Reviewed Products

Overall iPhone Charging Guidance: What is the Best Charger for You and Your iPhone?

iPhone 12 Charging Recommendations: The Apple iPhone 12 Now Comes "Chargerless"- What Chargers Do I Use?

iPhone 12 Charger Specific Analysis by Technology:

USB Technology

iPhone 12 & 30W USB Power Delivery

Products Tested: iPhone 12 , Verizon USB-C Fast Charge Wall Charger 


iPhone 12 & 20W USB Power Delivery

Products Tested: iPhone 12 ,  Apple 20W Charger


iPhone 12 & 18W USB Power Delivery

Products Tested: iPhone 12 ,  Anker PowerPort Classic PD 2 


iPhone 12 & 15W USB-C (Non-Active USB Power Delivery)

Products Tested: iPhone 12 , ANSMANN QC3.0 Powerbank 10.8 


Qi Technology

iPhone 12 & 15W Qi MagSafe

Phone Display Kept On:

Phone Display Off:

Products Tested: iPhone 12 , Apple MagSafe Charger 


iPhone 12 & 7.5W Qi Apple MFi

Products Tested: iPhone 12 ,  Verizon Dual Wireless Charging Pad with Fast Charge


iPhone 12 & 5W Qi BPP

Products Tested:  iPhone 12 , Just Wireless 5W Qi Wireless Charging Pad 

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