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How We Set Up Another Nest Protect on the LG G6

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After having problems with Netgear's Orbi router and having to reset the Nest Protect, we needed to set another one up and used the LG G6 for this.

We first downloaded and installed the Nest App from Google Play.


After logging into our Nest account, we decided to keep the Google Pixel as the main phone to use for Nest Home/Away Assist which tracks your location based on your phone's location.


To add the Nest Protect, we selected the settings gear icon on the top right of the Nest App's home screen, and then selected Add product.


We could then use the Nest App to take a picture of the 2D bar code printed at the back of the Nest Protect.


To continue, we first made sure we were on the same Wi-Fi network that the first Nest Protect had already been set up on. 


The Nest App was able to find the second Nest Protect and then automatically apply the same Wi-Fi and network settings that we had already set up on the first Nest Protect.



Compared to setting up the first Nest Protect, setting up the second one was a whole lot easier.


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