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How to Use the Apple Home App to Set Up HomeKit Automation to Turn on Philips Hue Using the Elgato Eve Room Sensor

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After purchasing the Eve Motion, Elgato Eve Room, and Philips Hue Starter Kit, we wanted a way to set up some automation through the Apple Home App to tie them all together. Surprisingly, the Home App was quite limited in what could be done.

Here's what we did to automate turning on the Philips Hue lights using the Eve Motion sensor.

We opened up the Home App using the iPad Pro and selected the Automation icon at the bottom.

After selecting 'Create new Automation', we could set up automation triggers such as location change, time of day, a HomeKit device being controlled , and a sensor being activated.

Selecting the sensor option, for some reason we were not able to do anything with the Elgato Eve Room Sensor (2016) which had previously been set up in this review.  

Only sensor automation using the Eve Motion was possible, which also had been set up previously in this other review.

Once we selected the Eve Motion, we could then select the HomeKit accessory to turn on.  

Here we selected the lights from the Philips Hue Starter Kit that we had set up in this review.

The Home App then presented a quick summary of the automation routine before you select 'Done'.

Setting up the Hue lights to be turned on by the Eve Motion sensor was relatively easy using the Home App.

Testing the Eve Motion, we could confirm that motion in front of the sensor would turn on the light but the light didn't actually turn on.

Checking the automation routine that we had set up, we realized that the light had been selected, by default the action was set to Turn Off.  

We corrected that by selecting the light icon which then became highlighted and stating 'Turn On'.

After the change, any time the Eve Motion sensor was triggered, the correct Hue light would come on.

Surprisingly, there was no obvious way to use the Home App to turn off the lights once the motion sensor no longer detected any motion.  

At first, we also found that Eve Motion wasn't sensitive enough to detect motion and it took about 3-4 seconds between when we walked into the room to trigger the motion sensor to when the Hue light would actually turn on. If you are doing a quick in and out of the room, the light might not be able to come on quick enough.

To achieve more complex automation and adjust the Eve Motion sensitivity, in the next review, we turned to the Elgato Eve App which we found to be more complete than the Home App in addressing our automation needs.

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