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How to Set Up the TrackR pixel on the iPhone

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The TrackR pixel is an inexpensive colorful way to keep track of your items. Here's how to set it up on an iPhone like the iPhone 6.

On the iPhone, download and install the TrackR App through the Apple Store.


Once the TrackR App is opened, you will need to accept the various notification pop-ups. 



In the 'Let's see how TrackR can help you', you can then select 'Add a TrackR Device', and then select the TrackR pixel.


After naming the TrackR pixel, the iPhone 6 will then try to connect and pair to the TrackR pixel over Bluetooth. On the TrackR pixel, you need to press the clear LED button in the front.

The TrackR pixel would then also try to pair with the iPhone 6. All you need to do is select 'Pair' in the Bluetooth Pairing Request pop-up to successfully complete the Bluetooth pairing connection.


Unlike a lot of other Apps which require you to register or log in before using the App, the TrackR allows you to register or sign in after the iPhone 6 is paired with the TrackR pixel.


The TrackR App will then find the TrackR pixel using the iPhone 6's GPS data. If you select the vertical three on the top right of the App, you can add another TrackR pixel.


You can select any of the TrackR pixel's that you add to the App and monitor where they are. The iPhone allows you to track 10 tracker devices at a time while other Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 allows you to only pair between 4 to 7 tracker devices.  


Unfortunately, like the Tile, you can only have one phone paired with the TrackR pixel at any one time. This makes it inconvenient for families using different phones trying to find the same TrackR pixel. Only one phone can pair to the TrackR pixel over Bluetooth, and all other phones can only find that TrackR pixel indirectly through that paired phone.

The overall setup process for the TrackR pixel with the iPhone 6 was very smooth and easy for anyone to do.

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