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How to Set Up the TrackR Pixel on an Android Phone like the Google Pixel

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To set up the TrackR pixel on an Android phone like the Google Pixel, we first downloaded and installed the TrackR App through Google Play.


After opening up the TrackR App, we then had to enable permissions and select 'Add a TrackR Device' in the 'Let's see how TrackR can help you' screen.


We then allowed TrackR to access the phone's location, selected the 'TrackR pixel' to set up, and named the TrackR pixel.


To pair the TrackR pixel with the Google Pixel over Bluetooth, we then pressed the clear LED button on the TrackR pixel, and selected 'Next' in the 'Let's pair your device' screen.


Once the TrackR pixel has been paired with the Google Pixel over Bluetooth, we could then sign up with a new account or log in with an existing one on TrackR.


Once logged in, the TrackR App finished setup with some purchasing questions and surveys.


The TrackR App then used the phone's GPS location as the location for the TrackR pixel connected over Bluetooth. Note that you can't have more than one phone connected over Bluetooth to the TrackR pixel at one time. This means that if you have two phones at home trying to find the TrackR pixel, only one phone will actually make the Bluetooth connection and send the GPS information to the cloud, when is then used by the other phone to locate the same TrackR pixel.

Other than naming the TrackR pixel, the TrackR App gives you a lot of icons to choose from in order to make it easier to differentiate your tracker devices, especially if you are using several of them to track your keys, wallets, etc.



The TrackR pixel is very easy to set up on Android phones like the Google Pixel, with a lot of care made by TrackR on creating a very simple experience.

Reviewed Products

Reviewed Products

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