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How to Set Up the Tile Slim on an Android Phone Like the Samsung Galaxy S8

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To set up the Tile Slim with an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S8, you just need to simply download and open the Tile App from the Apple App Store. You'll need to log in with or create a new Tile account.


You'll need to log in with or create a new Tile account.


On the Samsung Galaxy S8, you'll need to turn on Bluetooth to communicate with the Tile Slim (see this review to see more on how Tile uses Bluetooth Low Energy). You'll also need to enable location tracking on your phone since the Tile doesn't actually have any location tracking itself. The Tile App uses your phone's GPS location as the location for your Tile assuming both are connected over Bluetooth.


The Tile App also tracks all the phones which has the Tile App set up with your Tile account.


You can then select 'Add a Tile' and choose the 'Mate'. To finish the setup, you simply need to click the Tile logo on the Tile Slim.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 was able to easily connect to the Tile Slim over Bluetooth. You can use the phone to find the Tile by seeing its location on a map or playing a ringtone on the Tile. You can also find your phone by pressing the logo on the Tile Slim a couple of times or from a computer or another phone.


If the Samsung Galaxy S8 is able to detect that the Tile Slim is nearby over Bluetooth Low Energy, a green ring will show up. You can also view the Tile Slim's location on the map (which uses the GPS location of the phone).


We did sometimes have problems with the Samsung Galaxy S8 connecting over Bluetooth to another Tile Mate linked to our account.


Tile does provide some help in what to do in those situations. However, we found that our Bluetooth connectivity issues was due to the iPhone 6 Plus being connected to the Tile Mate


We often found that the Tile App often didn't recognize or report that another phone using the same Tile account was connected over Bluetooth to a Tile device. When it finally did work, the Tile App would report that the Tile Mate was connected to the iPhone 6 Plus but generally this was still quite buggy.

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