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How to Set up the Misfit Ray with Your Apple iPhone 6s

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Misfit shares a similar philosophy that Apple has regarding product design, emphasizing simplicity, lack of visible external buttons, and aesthetics.  The Misfit Ray not only looks good with Apple devices like the iPhone 6s but setup it a cinch.   

To use the Ray with the iPhone 6s, first go to the Apple App Store to download and install the Misfit App.



Once you open the Misfit App, accept the notification asking you to allow the App to send you notifications.  You'll then be asked to sign up for a new Misfit account, or sign-in using an existing e-mail or Facebook Misfit account.   Here I signed in with an existing e-mail based Misfit account.


The Misfit App will first take you through some screens to highlight some of the key features like where you can check activity and sleep, look at daily, weekly, or monthly data, use a graph based view for your daily activity, or swipe from the right to sync the App with the Ray.


Unlike the Android version of the App where the menu bar is on the top, the Apple App menu bar is on the bottom and allows you to select Home, Social, Devices, and Me (Profile) screens.

The Home screen allows you to monitor the Misfit points achieved on any day.


With the iPhone, you don't need to remove the battery case to reset the Ray so that it can pair with that App.  The iPhone App will automatically find the Ray and you'll be asked to accept the Ray's Bluetooth Pairing Request.  Once you select Pair, the iPhone's Health Access screen will appear and you'll need to select Apple Health fitness categories that you want the Misfit App to write data into.


In the Home screen's default Activity view, you can look at not only points but also the number of miles, calories, and steps that you took.  If you select Sleep, you can see how much of your time is spent awake vs light sleep vs restful sleep.

If you select the Social screen, you can connect with the Misfit community through Facebook.


The Device screen lets you monitor the Ray's battery life and also sync your Ray (which you can can do by swiping the App from the right).

Unlike other fitness wearables which assume the user will be wearing on the wrist, you can wear the Ray on the wrist, waist, ankle, chest, or some other area of the body.  Make sure you select where you are wearing the Ray in the Wearing Position section of the Device screen.

You can also us the Device screen to access the Misfit Link App (to use your Ray to control other things around you), add or remove a device from the App, and find which Ray is yours by making it blink.


If you select Me in the bottom menu, you'll be brought to the Social Profile Setup menu.  Here you can input your full name and username to share with other Misfit users.

The Misfit Ray integrates well with the iPhone 6s and is great for those that want simplicity and style while collecting fitness data in a fun and easy to use way. 

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