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How to Set Up Amazon Alexa to Control the Belkin WeMo Mini Smart Plug on the iPhone

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The WeMo Mini Smart Plug from Belkin does not support Siri and Apple HomeKit but you can still take advantage of voice command by installing Amazon Alexa on the iPhone. Here we used the iPhone X to first install the WeMo App from the Apple App Store.

We already had one WeMo Mini Smart Plug that we had installed using on an Android phone as seen in this review, which showed up immediately after opening up the Wemo App. The Wemo App found this WeMo Mini Smart Plug on the same Wi-Fi network that the iPhone X  was on, and assumed by having access to the Wi-Fi network, we should also have access to the WeMo Mini Smart Plug.


A firmware installation was then done on the WeMo Mini Smart Plug.


We then had to manually change the iPhone X's Wi-Fi network to the temporary Wi-Fi network created by the new WeMo Mini Smart Plug that we wanted to add.


We could then access the new WeMo Mini Smart Plug, edit its information, and associate an e-mail address to it.


Next, we could select the Wi-Fi network for the WeMo Mini Smart Plug to join, and enter the Wi-Fi network's password.


The Wemo App then made the iPhone revert back to the Wi-Fi network selected, and could now control the WeMo Mini Smart Plug over that network.


With WeMo setup completed, we could then proceed to set up Amazon Alexa by first installing the Alexa App from the Apple App Store.


After signing into our Alexa account, we needed to select who we were and give Amazon and Alexa various permissions.


In the Alexa's Smart Home screen, we then selected 'Add Device'. Alexa then started searching for the WeMo Mini Smart Plug and we had to press the plug's power button to put it into pairing mode.


Although the Alexa App reported that it could not find the WeMo Mini Smart Plug, it still showed up in the Alexa Smart Home screen and could be remotely controlled.


It was relatively easy to set up the WeMo Mini Smart Plug to be controlled by Alexa on the iPhone, giving you remote control of your plug everywhere you take the phone.

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