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How the mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL Performs with the Non USB Power Delivery Based USB Type-C Port on the Henge Docks Stone


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Reviewed Products

The mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL is now sold through the Apple Store so let's see how it supports charging from the non USB Power Delivery enabled USB Type-C port on the Henge Docks Stone.

With 50% battery charge on the mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL, we connected it to the USB Type-C port at the back of the Stone which provides non USB Power Delivery charging up to 10.5 watts. The Stone was observed to deliver a steady state charging of about 7.5 watts to work fine with the  mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL.

Click here to download the trace captured by the GRL-A1 power analyzer to see more details on how the Stone charges the mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL at 50% battery charge.

Download the A1 software from Granite River Labs to view the trace.

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