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Having Problems Connecting to the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug Using Google Home and Insignia Connect App

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The Insignia WiFi Smart Plug allows you to control it using Google Assistant on the Google Home as well as its own Insignia Connect App on your smartphone. Here we see how to set up the Insignia plug on the Huawei P10 phone using the Google Home App first followed by the Insignia Connect App. 

Note to make sure the phone and Google Home are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

We first used the Google Home App to link to the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug. From the Google Home App main menu, we selected 'Home control'.


On the Home Control Devices sub-screen, we began the connection process by selecting the plus icon on the bottom right to add a device. 

When adding device, we could also see many devices now supporting Google Assistant.



After selecting 'Insignia Connect' from the list, we then needed to log into the Insignia Connect account.

However, once logged into the Insignia Connect App, selecting 'Check for new devices' in the Insignia Connect pop-up did not allow us to actually add the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug so we gave up on this method.


Next, we used the Insignia Connect App directly to connect with the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug. We downloaded and installed the Insignia Connect App from Google Play on the Huawei P10 phone.  


After opening up the Insignia Connect App, in the Connect Welcome screen we selected 'Setup Device' to begin the setup process. Once logged into the App with our Best Buy account, we saw the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug advertising it was ready to be set up. We then selected the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug to continue.


On the Connect To WiFi screen, we then selected the Wi-Fi network that the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug should join. After entering the Wi-Fi  password, the Insignia Connect App started the process of connecting the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug to the Wi-Fi network.


The Insignia WiFi Smart Plug failed to connect the first time so we tried again to select and search for the Insignia device over Wi-Fi.


Luckily this time around the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug could successfully connect with the Insignia Connect App. We then set up the initial settings like location and device name.


After using the Insignia Connect App to set up the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug to our Best Buy account, we tried again using the Google Home App to link the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug to our Google account. Unfortunately, when trying to add Insignia Connect devices in the Google Home App, the App was still unable to see the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug even though Insignia Connect was listed as a linked service in the Google Home App, and the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug was already linked to the Insignia Connect App.


Going back to the Insignia Connect App however we could see the App reports that the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug has lost its Wi-Fi  connection. Despite power cycling both the Insignia plug and phone, the Insignia Connect App was no longer able to connect to the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug.


Despite multiple attempts, the Google Home App was unable to add the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug and even the Insignia WiFi Smart Plug  was unable to stay connected to the Wi-Fi network despite the network being functional and Internet was accessible.

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