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Don't Use the Nest Android App to Set Up Dropcam

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Reviewed Products

We had purchased the original Dropcam before it was acquired by Nest and needed to set it up again to associate with our Nest account.

Even though the Nest App lists the Dropcam as a model to add, you actually need to use a PC or Mac and connect it to the Dropcam over USB in order to set it up.


We then proceeded to download the Dropcam Setup App from Nest.

After installing the App, we needed to log in to Nest where you could associate the Dropcam to locations already defined in Nest.

Once you connect the Dropcam to your local Wi-Fi network, the installation will complete.

You can then disconnect the USB cable from your PC or Mac and connect the cable to the USB AC power adapter.

We next look at what sort of automation on the DropCam is possible using the Nest App.

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