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Make Your Google Pixel Slip Proof with the Caseology Parallax Series Google Pixel Case

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Reviewed Products

The back of the Google Pixel is extremely smooth, with the top of the phone being coated with a material that makes it especially slippery.  

To better protect the Google Pixel, we purchased the Caseology Parallax Series Google Pixel Case that has a textured surface that helps prevent the phone from slipping off a table. We purchased the Caseology Parallax Series Google Pixel Case through Amazon Prime.

The Caseology Parallax Series Google Pixel Case is extremely comfortable to the touch and provides a fair amount of protection everywhere except for the screen.

It's also easy to slip the Google Pixel into the Caseology Parallax Series Google Pixel Case.

Given the edges of the Google Pixel are easily prone to dents and scratches, the Caseology Parallax Series Google Pixel Case is recommended to help preserve the surface integrity and resulting look and feel of the phone. The Caseology Parallax Series Google Pixel Case does a great job in keeping the Google Pixel from sliding around while keeping a thin enough physical profile to allow the phone to slip easily into a pocket.

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