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Apple MacBook Air 13 inch 2020- Sometimes Simplicity is Best

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Reviewed Products

The Apple 13" MacBook Air (2020) is the only Mac notebook computer available if you want to avoid the Touch Bar (see problems we saw with the Touch Bar) and want a better keyboard feel with the new and improved Magic Keyboard. The main downside is only two Thunderbolt 3 ports available which are only available on the left side, but the Apple 13" MacBook Air (2020) is a great choice for long time Mac users that want a simple design with usability closer to those of the pre-Touch Bar era but today's higher level of performance.

We were so happy with the Apple 13" MacBook Air (2020) that we purchased two.

Here is the Silver version.

If you like gold, the Apple 13" MacBook Air (2020) is the only MacBook notebook PC that comes in that color.

The Apple 13" MacBook Air (2020) comes with a Apple 30W USB-C Power Adapter and we'll later take a look at how this Mac charges with higher wattage chargers.

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