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Mi band Smart Wristband For Android iPhone And Other Smartphone

by Xiaomi

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Xiaomi Mi Band- A Wearable for the Masses

When Xiaomi first announced the Xiaomi Mi Band, it sounded like yet another fitness wearable in an increasingly crowded market.  It seemed like every company was jumping on the bandwagon and putting out some sort of fitness tracker.

What shocked a lot of people though was the Xiaomi's Mi Band ultra-low price tag.  For less than the cost of a good meal, now everyone could afford a fitness tracker.  For those familiar with Xiaomi though, this aggressive pricing approach to selling devices is not surprising and is what made the becoming the top selling smartphone in China.

Xiaomi Mi Band Unboxing-Cafe Meyers

I purchased the Mi Band from the Xiaomi online store and got it shipped to Shanghai.  After getting my hands on it, I proceeded to try it out at Cafe Meyers, a nice coffee shop in Danville, California.

The Mi Band comes in a simple but professionally designed box.

Xiaomi Mi Band Box Corner Shot

Xiaomi Mi Band Box Back

Once you open the box, the Mi Band silver casing peaks out.

Xiaomi Mi Band Unboxing-1  Xiaomi Mi Band Unboxing-3

The Mi Band comes with a USB cable for charging as well as a wrist band that you insert the Mi Band into.

Xiaomi Mi Band Unboxing-5

Xiaomi Mi Band Unboxing-6

Despite the ridiculously low price of the Mi Band, the product is surprisingly stylish in a simple Zen type of way.  Unlike other wearables, there are no external mechanical buttons or data displays used.

Xiaomi Mi Band Unboxing-13

Xiaomi Mi Band Unboxing-14

Xiaomi Mi Band Unboxing-17

Xiaomi Mi Band Unboxing-19

To charge the Mi Band, you need to remove it from the wrist band and plug it into the USB cable adapter.  The Mi Band doesn't come with its own power supply but you can use any USB power charger or computer instead.

Xiaomi Mi Band Unboxing-22

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