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PowerBeats3 vs PowerBeats 2 Wireless | Beats Solo3 vs Solo2 Wireless

There are a lot of awesome deals right now on the Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless and Solo2 Wireless right now as retailers try to get rid of inventory for the upcoming Powerbeats3 Wireless and Solo3 Wireless.  


You can purchase the Beats Solo2 Wireless and Powerbeats2 Wireless at the AT&T Store through Oct 20, 2016 for a $100 off which for the Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless is a particularly good deal.  Other places like Amazon are carrying the Beats Solo2 Wireless for close to $200

However, should you take advantage of these deals or buy the brand new Powerbeats3 Wireless or Solo3 Wireless?

If you are looking for a light portable headphone, the Powerbeats3 Wireless and Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless are both good choices.  However, as described in an earlier review, the Powerbeats3 Wireless makes use of Apple's W1 chip that makes a lot of improvements over the PowerBeats2 Wireless.

The Powerbeats3 Wireless offers twice the battery life (12 hrs vs 6 hs), potentially 10 times the wireless range (10 m vs 1 m) if paired with a Class 1 Bluetooth device, and faster charging (30 min of use with 5 min of charging vs 6 hours of use with 90 min charging) versus the PowerBeats2 Wireless.  The Powerbeats3 Wireless also offers better ergonomics, control buttons, and integration with Siri.

For those that want a larger over the ear headphone with wider audio frequency range, the Solo3 Wireless and Solo2 Wireless are the way to go.

When comparing the Solo3 Wireless with the Solo2 Wireless, the Solo3 Wireless also has longer battery life (40 hours vs 12 hours), potentially 10 times the wireless range (10 m vs 1 m) if paired with a Class 1 Bluetooth device, and faster charging (3 hours of use with 5 min of charging vs 12 hours of use with 120 min of charging).  The Solo3 Wireless also offers better Siri integration.

If you need a wireless headphone now and want to take advantage of all the deals on the Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless and Solo2 Wireless, now is the time.  But if you have the budget and can wait to experience some revolutionary new headsets from Apple, the Apple AirPods, BeatsX Earphones, Solo3 Wireless, and Powerbeats3 Wireless could be worth the wait.

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