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CreoPop SKU001 Wireless 3D Pen

by CreoPop

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Cool Products at May 2016 IOT World in Santa Clara, California

IOT World in Santa Clara, California (May 2016) had a lot of new and interesting products to stimulate one's sense of what's possible.  

Two US based companies, Tile and Nut, displayed their smart tracker products allowing you to track products using your mobile phone's GPS data and Bluetooth latency to estimate proximity to the tracker.

Tile had their Tile product attached to everything you could think of that is easily misplaced- keys, remote controls, wallets, purses, measuring tapes, water bottles, drones, etc.

Another company, Nut, showed their latest generation tracker that was smaller than Tile and was shaped to feel comfortable in one's hand.  They claimed superior technology compared to Tile and we can't wait to get our hands on one when released to compare.

The German company Wotch had an interesting twist on the wearables market.  Rather than change favorite classical watch, just use your favorite watch but replace your band with a Wotch smart band.  Wotch had two versions of the band- one with display for a Garmin vivosmart HR like experience or a display-less band closer in experience to a Xiaomi Mi Band.  The display version is close in design to the Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap.

Another California based company, Remocam, showed their RemoBell and Remocam products.  Remocam is akin to Dropcam (now owned by Nest) while RemoBell is similar in concept to the ubiquitously advertised Ring Video Doorbell.


Even printing was getting into the action for IOT.  The Mopria Alliance allows printing to be done through a standardized way from your Android phone directly to the many printers models that support Mopria.  Mopria promises to be an enhanced version of native printing support that Google Android now offers through WI-FI or Google Cloud Print.  

IOT wouldn't be complete unless the car market was represented.  Bosch showed off MySpin, which is their version of Apple CarPlay and Google's Android Auto.  Positioned as having a more premium look and feel that what CarPlay and Android offers, MySpin was shown on premium cars like the Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe and Range Rover Evoque.

Once you plug in the Android phone or Apple iPhone into the car via a USB cable, you can use a MySpin App or other Apps that support MySpin to interact with the vehicle.


Singapore based CreoPop had their CreoPop 3D Printing Pen which allows people to create 3D art work safely with a material that hardens with light.  Thought strictly not an Internet of Things product, it was a cool take on 3D printing using a pen.


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