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ASUS Smartwatch - Retail Packaging - Silver & Rose Gold


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How to Set Up the ASUS Zen Watch With Your HTC One (M8)

The ASUS Zen Watch is one of the first Android watches that has been made really affordable.  Similar to the Apple Watch, Android Watches work best together with an Android phones they are paired with like the HTC One (M8), another affordable well designed smartphone.

Andriod Wear

To setup the Zen Watch, first go to Google Play to download and install Android Wear.

Download Android Wear app download 1

app download 3

HTC M7 & ASUS Zen Watch

After you open Android Wear App, you will be asked to verify that you have an Android Watch and agree to different permission settings.

open andriod app set up app

To start the pairing process between the Asus Zen Watch and the HTC One (M8), select the Asus Zen Watch which will appear on the App's Pairing screen.

pair zen watch pair it with your phone

You'll then need to confirm that the code shown on the App is the same one displayed on the Zen Watch.

code on phone

Once pairing is complete, the Android Wear App will show the ASUS Zen Watch is connected and introduce other apps you can install to use with the Zen Watch.  One useful App to install is the Zen Watch Manager.

paired it up Zen watch manager app

paired up-ready to use

With the Zen Watch Manager, you can further customize your watch by changing the settings such as watch face, notifications, sounds, etc.  You can also use it to find and lock up your watch.

chnage the covre

There are other features such as setting up flashlight, compass, and emergency SOS with your watch.

Zen watch manager 拷貝

The HTC One (M8) works great with the Asus Zen Watch and together are an affordable way to get into smart watches compared to the more expensive Apple alternatives.

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