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USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter

by Google Inc.

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Get USB Type-C 4K Video from Chromebook With Google’s USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter

Chromebook Pixel New

Google was the first computer that supported USB Type-C with the launch of the Google Chromebook Pixel (2015).  To help enable to ecosystem, Google also provided a range of accessories like the USB Type-C to HDMI adapter .


You can this USB Type-C to HDMI adapter to connect your Chromebook Pixel to an external HDMI TV or monitor.  This adapter supports 4K resolutions which look great on all the new 4K TV's that have really come down in price like the Vizio M-Series 4K Ultra HD Smart TV.

4K with Chromebook pixel -2

Unlike traditional product companies, Google takes a open source to both software and even hardware and has released their USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter designs as open source here.

Note this product needs to be purchased directly from Google here.


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