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Eltima’s Commander One Moves Files Easily Between the Apple MacBook (Early 2015) and Android Phones Like the LG G5

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If you have been using OS X to manage your files on your Macbook, you can try out the Commander One app which is an alternative for the OS X. Also a file management tool, the Commander One by Eltima offers a convenient dual panel mode to let you create, delete, copy, and move files and folders easily.  

To see how the Commander One works, we download the app from the Eltima online web store and run it on the Apple MacBook (Early 2015). Note you can also access the app and information through the Apple Mac App Store

The Commander One opens to display its main dual pane file explorer window.

We then connect the LG G5 phone to the Macbook over USB which the Macbook detects as an MTP device. Click 'Connect' to open the Commander One window.

Folders from each device can be seen arranged in two separate panels side-by-side on the Commander One window. This allows you to drag and drop folders easily between the Apple MacBook (Early 2015) and the LG G5. We successfully perform a quick transfer of a 270 MB movie file from the Macbook over to the phone.


The Commander One app is a good file management option for the Apple MacBook (Early 2015) which is simple to use and also supports Android based phones like the LG G5.

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