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CoDrone/Petrone Power Pack Add-On

by ByRobot

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ByRobot's Power Pack Add-On Lends More Gameplay for Your Robolink CoDrone

The Robolink Codrone uses up most of its battery after flying for a short period of time, significantly reducing how much play time you can enjoy. Rather than having to wait and charge the same battery every time, an easier way is to use extra battery packs like the ByRobot Power Pack Add-On that is made specifically for the Robolink Codrone and ByRobot Petrone models.

The ByRobot Power Pack Add-On is able to conveniently charge a total of four Lithium Polymer batteries simultaneously using its High Speed Multi-Charger, with each battery supporting 3.7V/300mAh capacity.

After purchasing the ByRobot Power Pack Add-On from Amazon, the first thing we noticed is the packaging which looks very different from the Robolink Codrone's. It seems ByRobot adopts a more professional outlook while its Robolink counterpart focuses on child-friendly designs.

The top of the box gives some helpful illustrations on how to set up and start using the ByRobot Power Pack Add-On.

Behind the box you can quickly view the product specifications and package contents. Here it claims the High Speed Multi-Charger takes around 40 minutes to charge four batteries simultaneously which also comes with a micro USB connector.

The ByRobot Power Pack Add-On comes with a bunch of accessories which consist of the High Speed Multi-Charger, AC power adapter (with interchangeable AC pins), micro USB to USB Type-A cable, two Lithium Polymer batteries, and documentation.

The AC power adapter is able to connect to the High Speed Multi-Charger using the micro USB to USB Type-A cable.

The High Speed Multi-Charger has LED's that automatically light up once connected to USB power which also serve as battery charge indicators. Just insert your Robolink Codrone's battery into any of the four battery slots to start charging it.

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