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Bluesmart One Smart Luggage

by Bluesmart

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Stay Connected and Do More with Your Bluesmart Smart Luggage

Power connectivity always comes in useful to keep your devices charged while on your travels. Rather than carrying multiple chargers, you can directly connect your USB devices to a Bluesmart smart luggage. This smart luggage acts as a portable power bank allowing you to conveniently charge your laptops, tablets and phones on the same luggage that also stores your belongings. 

Bluesmart claims to be the first to introduce the smart luggage to the market such as the Bluesmart One carry on suitcase. It offers up to two USB Type-A charging ports for powering your devices and uses a standard micro-USB charging port for charging the suitcase. The suitcase comes with a TSA-compliant 10000mAh battery which promises to deliver up to six times charging when connected over the USB Type-A connectors.

The Bluesmart luggage also supports other features besides charging capabilities. It comes with an app which you can use on your phone over Bluetooth to track and recover the luggage in case missing. The luggage has an integrated SIM card to provide 3G and GPS navigation to track its location.  

The app can also be used to remotely lock/unlock the luggage and give out proximity alerts on your phone. The app will also inform you the current weight of the luggage through its handy built-in scale. 

Dropping by the Fortress electronics and telecom store at the Hong Kong International Airport, we happened to see Bluesmart advertising the Bluesmart One carry on suitcase. Bluesmart now has a newer Series 2 range which is supposed to be an improved version of the Bluesmart One

Here we can see the Bluesmart suitcase being charged over a micro-USB cable connected to a 5 V/2.1 A power source.

The front of the suitcase offers space for you to deck and charge your laptop or tablet over the USB 3.1 Type-A connector. Note you would need to attach a USB Type-A to USB Type-C compliant cable if your device supports USB Type-C. The other USB Type-A port is found underneath the handle which is more suitable to charge phones given the limited space.

Just note that any USB Power Delivery function will not be available since it relies on signals not available on the USB Type-A connector.

Bluesmart is a nice way for travelers to get additional power and security from their own luggage and especially useful while in the airport or on a plane. It could however do better with the newer and faster USB Type-C connector. It's also good to note that apart from charging, other functions running on the luggage also consume power from its built-in 10000mAh battery.

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