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4K HDMI Cable with Ethernet

by Belkin

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Belkin 4K HDMI Cable Can Output Up to 4K@120Hz On a 4K TV

The Belkin 4K HDMI Cable came with gold plated connectors that Belkin claims to be able to reduce signal loss when using the cable. The 2 m/6.6 ft Belkin cable offers 4K Ultra HD (4K@120Hz) and 1080p HDMI outputs, 10.2 Gb/s, Ethernet, and 3D video support. 

The Belkin 4K HDMI Cable was designed to work with HDMI enabled Apple 4K or HD TV's or displays, as well as Mac's or PC's that support DisplayPort or Thunderbolt technologies. However even for devices which can't output 4K, you can still use the Belkin cable to  output to your TV or monitor at lower frame rates and/or resolutions.

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