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Apple TV (2013)

by Apple

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Apple TV (2013)- Connecting your Apple devices to the Big Screen

The Apple TV (2013) is well thought out allowing a seamless experience to directly play your iTunes contents on your TV or to display your Mac, iPhone, or iPad screen to the TV.

Bic Camera Shin Yokohama Apple iPad display section

I purchased the Apple TV in Bic Camera Shin Yokohama, the same place I purchased my iPad Air 2.

The Apple TV box itself is not very typical of Apple packaging where it looks a little beat up and made of cheaper cardboard.

Apple TV Box Corner Shot

Apple TV Opened Box

Apple TV Box Contents


However, once you open the box, in typical Apple fashion the Apple TV device and more importantly the remote control looks nice enough to display next to your TV in the living room.

Apple TV Back Macro Shot


The main interfaces on the back of the Apple TV that you will use is HDMI, Ethernet (if you don't want to use Wi-Fi), and potentially optical audio if you have that kind of setup in your living room.  The USB port isn't really used except for diagnostics.

Apple TV setup is relatively quick and painless, other than using the remote to input your Wi-Fi password.

Apple TV Startup & Setup-1

Apple TV Startup & Setup-2

Apple TV Startup & Setup-3

Apple TV Startup & Setup-4

Apple TV Startup & Setup-5

Apple TV Startup & Setup-6

Apple TV Startup & Setup-7

Apple TV change video resolution to 1080p

Apple TV change video resolution menu

Apple TV iTunes in Singapore shows US iTunes

One interesting note is that what iTunes content you can access is based on the region that you setup your iTunes account (probably due to licenses and control over where content can be distributed).  This means that if you setup your iTunes in the US, but are traveling overseas, you can still only access the US iTunes Store.

Apple TV iTunes account locked to region

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