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Xiaomi Shows Its Expanded Universe at CES 2017


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Although Xiaomi is not yet a household name in the US, its large fan base in China and other parts of Asia has propelled it to not only one of the largest smartphone makers in China but a player in just about any product category you can think of.

At CES 2017, Xiaomi's wide range of products were on full display including various Smart Home devices.  In China, which operates under a parallel universe when it comes to cloud services, Amazon Alexa and Google Home are just about non-existent.  However Xiaomi has played a big part of creating a range of fashionable Mi Smart Home products which all work well together with Xiaomi's successful phone products like the Mi 5, Redmi Note 4, and Redmi Pro.  In a way, this strategy is closer to Apple's model although Xiaomi designs and sells a lot of these Smart Home product categories themselves at cut throat pricing rather than the Apple model of using an ecosystem of partners.

Although Smart Home is an emerging product category, TV's and PC's are already large markets which are in the sweet spot of Xiaomi's strategy of making ultra cheap fashionable products.  Xiaomi was also showing their 4K Mi TV's.

Xiaomi also displayed their new Windows PC's like the Mi Notebook Air 12.5" and 13.3" which support DisplayPort and USB Power Delivery over USB Type-C.  They may share a name that sounds similar to Apple's MacBook Air but the pricing is very un-Apple like.

Although Xiaomi also showed their fitness wearables like the Mi Band 2 and streaming media players like the Mi Box 3, it was interesting to see Xiaomi go after Lego with the Mi Robot Builder.



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